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  • Small Talk Episode 8

    There has never been a time of greater despair, hopelessness, openness to the gospel, a greater longing for meaning in life than there is now. P. Douglas Small brings to […]

  • Small Talk Episode 7

    Cities act as massive hubs of activity and house a majority of our population. What would happen if revival would hit these cities? P. Douglas Small discusses how city revival […]

  • Small Talk Episode 6

    “I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground,” (Is. 44:3). This verse was the inspiration for one of the greatest revivals in recent […]

  • Small Talk Episode 5

    Could it be that we are on the edge of a brand new paradigm of ministry? P. Douglas Small reflects on the passing of Dr. Billy Graham back in 2018.

  • Small Talk Episode 4

    John Wesley’s church planting movement was the key to 17th century Britain’s deliverance from poverty. What if we apply John Wesley’s principles in our churches today? P. Douglas Small discusses […]

  • Small Talk Episode 3

    It is no secret that the ‘index of family belonging’ has been falling precipitously. P. Douglas Small talks about the need for establishment of a family altar.

  • Small Talk Episode 2

    We have to move the church from a house of preaching to a house of prayer. P. Douglas Small discusses some New Year’s resolutions he would like to see the […]

  • Small Talk Episode 1

    The average church has 75 attendees. There has been a shift to smaller, healthier and missional churches. P. Douglas Small discusses how we can build a harvest force in our […]

  • Book Talk Episode 2

  • Book Talk Episode 1