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  • Nathan Street – Back to the Future Exposing the Tactics of the Enemy

    We, as Christians, have abdicated our places in the public sector. Can prayer fight the enemy that we have left in the public sector in our absence? Nathan Street exposes […]

  • Richard Dial – Praying Into The Harvest

    The issue of reaching across cultural lines and missions is as old as the Word of God itself. How can we be compelled to go and share the Word of […]

  • Small Talk Episode 10

    There is moral outrage in the great cities of America. This outrage has become a threat to democracy. We have scripted out any role for faith, and yet evangelicals may […]

  • Small Talk Episode 9

    We are living in the middle of the greatest mass migration in human history. Why have we, as Evangelicals, fled the cities that people are now migrating to? How can […]

  • Small Talk Episode 8

    There has never been a time of greater despair, hopelessness, openness to the gospel, a greater longing for meaning in life than there is now. P. Douglas Small brings to […]

  • Small Talk Episode 7

    Cities act as massive hubs of activity and house a majority of our population. What would happen if revival would hit these cities? P. Douglas Small discusses how city revival […]

  • Small Talk Episode 6

    “I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground,” (Is. 44:3). This verse was the inspiration for one of the greatest revivals in recent […]

  • Small Talk Episode 5

    Could it be that we are on the edge of a brand new paradigm of ministry? P. Douglas Small reflects on the passing of Dr. Billy Graham back in 2018.

  • Small Talk Episode 4

    John Wesley’s church planting movement was the key to 17th century Britain’s deliverance from poverty. What if we apply John Wesley’s principles in our churches today? P. Douglas Small discusses […]